Anderen over Feuerstein

“Reuven Feuerstein’s concepts will continue to enrich cognitive developmental thinking and research and to bring a richer, fuller cognitive development to children, youth and adults around the world.”

H. Carl Haywood, Vanderbilt University

“Educators who are devoted to enhancing the intellectual functioning of learners need this book. The principles, skills, and strategies of mediated learning should become a prerequisite for all teachers. Reuven Feuerstein has made the world a more thoughtful place.”

                                                Arthur L. Costa, professor emeritus, California State University, and co-founder, Institute for Habits of Mind International

“Reuven Feuerstein was one of a handful of thinkers and practitioners in the 20th century who has made a significant, lasting contribution to our understanding of human learning and human potential. Educators, parents, and others involved with human development will continue to draw on his path-breaking body of work.”

Howard Gardner, Harvard University

“When I consider the greatest minds and hearts that have impacted my life and learning, Reuven Feuerstein’s genius and caring stand out above all others.”

Jim Bellanca, executive director, Illinois Consortium for 21st Century Skills

“I have been unabashedly dedicated to Reuven Feuerstein for his impact on transforming the learning trajectory of students of color. His ability to revitalize their intellectual capacity was seemingly miraculous. He has provided us with tools, not only for their benefit, but also for the benefit their potential can provide to our society.”

                                                Yvette Jackson, CEO, National Urban Alliance

“Professor Reuven Feuerstein was an extraordinary architect of the intellect. My personal memory of him is of this smallish man, leaning slightly forward, with shocking white hair framing an ever-present black beret and always with a sparkle in his eyes. In his work, Feuerstein is a giant in his field of cognitive science. His passion for life and learning is legend. Feuerstein’s Theory of Cognitive Modifiability changed the intellectual landscape forever, as others replicated his belief and understanding of a changing brain, rather than a static one. I realize Professor Feuerstein is a figure from my professional past I shall never forget. I know he changed my teaching forever.”

                                                Robin Fogarty, Fogarty and Associates

“Reuven Feuerstein was a great man who fought to give every human being the chance to learn to their greatest potential even when they were considered to be unteachable. His methods of teaching and learning have made a most powerful and impactful contribution to the fields of education and psychology.”

Kathleen J. Bellanca, CEO, International Renewal Institute

“I first encountered Feuerstein’s notion of dynamic assessment in collegial conversation with Ann Brown and Joe Campione at the Center for the Study of Reading in the late 1970s. The idea resonated with me immediately – so simple and yet so revolutionary! The assessment question is not, How well can you do X? but instead, Under what conditions of scaffolding can you do X well? It means that responsibility for doing well is always shared by the individual and community in which learning occurs. That’s powerful!”

P. David Pearson, professor, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley

“Reuven Feuerstein is one of the greatest pioneers in the application of an understanding of the modifiability of the brain to improving learning. Rather than bow to the dictates of orthodoxy, he grasped what was possible, and helped teachers help students to achieve it. One can never summarize the work of an individual whose passion and dedication has impacted so many lives.”

Renate and Geoffrey Caine, Caine Learning

“Reuven Feuerstein’s work, over many years, was groundbreaking, with important implications for educators both in the United States and around the globe. He helped us understand the development of children’s thinking and their acquisition of cognitive structures.”

Charlotte Danielson, The Danielson Group

(Bron: Feuerstein, R., Falik, L.H., Feuerstein, R.S. (2015). Changing Minds & Brains - The Legacy of Reuven Feuerstein, Higher Thinking and Cognition through Mediated Learning. New York, USA; Teachers College Press)